SPD: Put Your Coat On

Whether kids are avoiders or seekers, sensory processing disorder children have quirks. Many have issues with clothing. Jaxon, for instance, hates wearing clothing and runs around in underwear only whenever possible. He hates coats, sweaters, long sleeves, and anything that is restrictive. He does not wear jeans and is not a fan of PJs. And there are other sensory kids that have opposite issues with clothing. But, most have some issues with clothing.

SPD and Me

Jaxon is now 5 and a half years old. He is very focused on that 1/2. He was diagnosed at age 4. It took us several years of asking the doctor if and when we could have him tested for what we thought was ADHD. Our pediatrician kept telling us he was too young and I reluctantly went along. At his 4-year-old visit, I stopped going along. I expressed concern that he would start kindergarten in a year and I needed to have everything in place so he had what he needed to be successful in school. Finally, our pediatrician pointed us to where we needed to go.